i got a gluten-free pup

So pretty much… my dog is a spoiled brat. He is gluten intolerant, probably eats better than I do, oh and yea… I make his treats.

I know, I know… but they only require a few ingredients and take like 10 minutes to prep. Plus, I know what’s in them, they are healthy for my baby AND my wallet doesn’t hate me!



Rice flour, which I buy at the local asian market cause it’s wayyy cheaper there, eggs, pumpkin puree, and a little dehydrated milk. That’s all it is! Pumpkin is supposed to be really good for soothing dogs upset tummies. Nico will eat it by the spoonful and he loves these treats more than any others I’ve bought from the store.


I try to find the smallest cookie cutters I can so that the treats are the right size for NIco. I have a bone shaped one that I like to use sometimes, but it’s a little too big and I still have to break to treats in half. I conveniently found a Fall set of really little ones with a pumpkin in it. Definitely appropriate for these even though it’s not Fall!


The one thing about this dough that’s tricky is that it’s really wet and crumbly. Rice flour has a different texture to it than normal flour. It’s more fine and seems to hold less moisture making it sticky and not want to stay together. Through the many times I’ve made these I’ve learned to be VERY generous with the rice flour. Another plus to getting it for cheaper cause you use quite a lot of it!


Yay! I love spoiling him… but how can I not? He’s the best and it’s the least I can do for all the time he spends in the kitchen with me <3

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