Focaccia Focaccia Focaccia


There’s a lot of things that I miss about Italy and I won’t name them mainly because 1) there’s too many to name and 2) if I think about it for too it makes me sad that I don’t know the next time I’ll be lucky enough to visit again. However, I will say that one of the things I find myself longing for is the focaccia. No matter how simple of a desire this may seem to be, if you have experienced real Italian focaccia made with real Italian love and real Italian passion, then you know this is no joking matter. Italians aren’t big on breakfast, but when they do THIS is what they go for!

It’s simple, it’s cheap, and I love making it!



It starts with a simple dough of flour and yeast. Yes, I had to make two batches of yeast to get it right, but I knew that would happen so I began prepared and bought extra yeast. ;)


After kneading for a few minutes and a good upper body workout later the dough is ready to rise.

What makes focaccia so yummy is the glorious amount of olive oil that goes into it. Before setting it aside to rise, I like to put a generous coat of garlic infused olive oil over the dough!


Making flavored olive oil isn’t difficult, so stop buying it at the store for wayyy more than you should even consider!


Olive oil. Pan. In this case, garlic, but the options are endless. Heat slowly! Burnt garlic is the worst thing to ever happen to your tastebuds. Ew! Plus oil that is too hot is dangerous!Watch the garlic closely. Little bubbles will start to form around the garlic and soon after it will start to turn golden brown. When the color starts to darken take it off the heat and strain it. Just taking it off the heat isn’t enough because the oil is really hot and will continue to cook the garlic.

It’s really easy, you just have to be patient and keep a close eye on it. Try it sometime!



SO, after the dough rises you have to separate it into however many different breads you are planning to make.

Grease the pans with more garlic olive oil and put another coat on the dough.


I really like using these cast iron skillets whenever I can. My family doesn’t have a whole lot things that have been past down the generations, but what we do have is kitchen stuff. These skillets came from my great great grandmother so whenever I use them I feel like I have familiar company in the kitchen. :)


After the second rise time, MORE OLIVE OIL and a little kosher salt. Poke the dough to make little dimples and put whatever you like on top.


I remember making ‘nonna’s pizza,’ which I later came to realize was focaccia, with my dad as a kid. My parents always kept a stool in the kitchen so my siblings and I could reach the counter when we wanted to help. We would take turns standing on the stool and poking our little fingers into the oily dough. It was always a special treat and is definitely a memory that stands out.



I made three different focacce. Green oil because that’s always my fav.


Rosemary because I love rosemary.



And tomato & thyme.




Side note: My boyfriend recently introduced me to a youtube series called Fresh of the Boat with Eddie Huang. Eddie’s a chef who travels to different cities to discover good noms!

I thought there were a lot of really good things said about food, culture and family in this episode and wanted to share. Check it out when you have some time! Each episode is only 7 minutes





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