*snacks on snacks*


I had to take advantage of the cloudy weather this morning and do a shoot. Dat light! Couldn’t pass it up.


I like to think I’ve always eaten a pretty healthy, well-rounded diet. I mean I did just graduate from college, so Ramen was definitely wayy too prevalent in my life, but in general I think I’ve made good food choices thus far. I grew up in a family where you had to at least try everything once. If you didn’t like it that was fine. But my parents always put good food on the table and we never complained.

I’ve recently decided to take my healthy food decisions to the next level. There’s always something more we can do to better our well-being, right? My sister, Sheri, recently told me about a new garbanzo recipe she came up with as an alternative to other unhealthy snacks. I’ve always looked up to her culinary ways and I really wanted to try this one out. It sounded simple enough, why not?


So I ran to the store and picked up a couple cans of chickpeas. I’ve definitely grown to love the garbanzo though it hasn’t always been my fav. There’s a new Fresh Market in town and I thought their packaging was fun!


First drain, rinse, and let them sit out and dry up for a few hours. Over night is probably best, but this was a last minute decision today.

Once they are a bit more dry all it takes is a little olive oil, cumin, chili powder (I used an ancho chili powder mix!), and salt. Bake them at a high temp and on the rack closest to the top of the oven.



I’ve realized through doing these shoots/posts that a lot of the cooking I do is super simple. I think this is good for two reasons 1) it doesn’t take a lot of skill so anyone can do it! Even if you’re the kind of guy who screws up Mac&Cheese ;) and 2) it’s time and money friendly. Also, between my own work schedule and life in general I have been trying to choice things to share that I know I can start and finish in a timely manor. I had a really good conversation a few days ago with my good friend and fellow photographer Mike Gunnoe. He’s always good at encouraging me and pushing me to do more. He said he’d really like to see me share a fish or meat recipe, something I have not done yet. It’s been in the back of my head ever since our conversation and I admit that I’ve felt a little guilt for not assigning the time for it yet. SO, hopefully to come soon will be a recipe with a bit more substance. Thanks, Mike :P

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