F is for Fall, Figs, and Flatbread


Well it’s officially been about a week of Fall and here in Kansas we’ve been lucky enough to have about a week of Fall-ish weather. I’m thankful and hoping for more to come before the snowy season is upon us. I love Autumn for the changing colors, sweaters, all the chai tea I can hope for, and FIGS. Although figs usually have a quick appearance in June and scattered throughout the summer, they have, most truly, a fall/winter season thus making their way into all kinds of delicious holiday goods. Lots of which I’m sure I will be sharing with you in the weeks to come! But before I get too off track… flatbread!

Flatbread is an amazing thing because, like pizza, you can make it as quick & easy or as ornate as you want. It all starts with the dough. You can make any pizza dough recipe from scratch, let is rise, roll it out… the whole shebang. Some grocers offer pre-made dough at the bakery, which is what I chose to do today. Or, what I do most often, is buy a package of frozen dinner rolls to have on hand all the time. Let them thaw out, press them together into however much you plan to make and flatten it out onto a baking sheet with some olive oil. This is probably one of the best things I picked up from my mom that got me through college. A bag of these rolls costs around five bucks. If you’ve got it in the freezer it doesn’t take much to whip out somethin’ good!

I’ve found that the closer the dough is to room temperature and maybe even a little on the warm side the easier it is to stretch out. While the oven pre-heats I put the dough on a baking sheet with olive oil on top of the stove where it’s a little warm.


Generous amounts of olive oil on the hands is a must in this process and of course… I always forget to take my rings off first :/


I really couldn’t resist buying these when I saw them at the store this morning. As I finished the rest of my grocery shopping I thought about what I wanted to make with them. There’s so many options and I couldn’t decide what to make first! But since summer is waning I thought this fig and arugula flatbread was best.

Fresh mozzarella, also a must! Very different from a block of mozzarella that you grate. I’m a fan of both, however fresh almost always makes it into my basket. Not exactly what you think of as a good melting cheese, but I don’t care. It’s SO good.


Nico really wanted some but he knows better and kept a fair distance :)


I think I like figs so much because they look as wonderful as they taste.


Once the dough is as crispy or as soft as you like it it’s done, but not quite finished. Toss some arugula with olive oil, salt and pepper and pile it on top!


Confession: for the sake of this photo I only sprinkled a small amount of arugula on top. Some of you may like it better this way, and you’re crazy. Just kidding. But seriously, I PILE IT ON. It’s all too good not to.


The pre-made dough I purchased at the bakery was too much for just the Fig and Arugula Flatbread, so I split it in half and decided to make another favorite.

Next up: HERBS (like they say it in Britain, cause there’s an H)


Of the two, this is flatbread I make the most. It’s simple, doesn’t require anything special and I never get sick of it.

Look at what you’ve got in your spice cabinet and start sprinkling.

Salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, garlic powder, dried onions, whatever you think sounds good.


If you’re not familiar with your herbs and spices smell them. This is how I started learning as a kid. While my parents or whoever was in the kitchen cooking, and I was hovering, they let me smell the spices before adding them. Slowly you will begin to associate the smell with the taste and taste with whats cooking.

I remember very specifically a moment standing on a stool in my grandparents kitchen smelling a handful of dried sage. They still grow tons of vegetable and herbs in their backyard garden and come the close of the growing season they dry them. I remember looking down as my grandmother extender her hand and I took a big childish whiff. Her nails were painted red, so it must have been Christmas time. They say we associate smells with memories which I find really interesting. As I think about it, a lot of the vivid memories I have as a youngster I can pair with a scent.


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