My fav Halloween treat


So… I completely lost tract of time this October and… as much as a LOVE going to pumpkin patch, this year I just didn’t have time to squeeze in the trip and… well, I never thought I’d have to say this but… I bought my halloween pumpkins at the grocery store. I KNOW! I know, I never thought the day would come, but it did and it happened. Not only did I purchase my pumpkins off the concrete curb of the grocery store where they had most likely been sitting for the last three and a half weeks, but I was so last minute all that was left were the small ones, those that wouldn’t sit up right or had serious cosmetic damage. Despite the odds on my October 30th purchase, I managed to find three decent pumpkins and brought them home with me.


If I’m being completely honest, the goop inside of pumpkins kind of really grosses me out. The combination of it’s slimy texture and smell, just doesn’t do it for me. But within that sloppy orange nastiness are pumpkin seeds, which I can’t have October without, so I toughed it out and dug in.


After separating what I could of the seeds from the pumpkin goop I tossed them in a towel to take a little more of the sliminess from the seeds. In the past, I’ve rinsed the seeds to get them completely clean, but I found I like the way they bake better when they still have a bit of the pumpkin insides on them.


Although I’ve experimented with different things to sprinkle these baked pumpkins seeds with, I like them best with just a little bit of kosher salt. If salted seeds are too boring for you a cinnamon sugar blend might be worth a try. Or the cumin chili powder mix from the chickpea recipe I posted awhile back might be a good one to try too.


Also, a good point to add here is that if the seeds are completely dry before you put them in the oven the salt (or whatever you decide to sprinkle them with) won’t stick to the seeds very well. So sprinkle them before they are too dried out and before you bake them :)


This might be something that everyone and their momma does come pumpkin carving season, but it’s one of my favorite halloween time treats and I couldn’t resist blogging about it. It’s one of those things that I only do once a year and if I miss out on it the holiday just doesn’t feel the same.

Whether you spent the evening dressed up at a party or handing out candy, I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!

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