x m a s * c o o k i e s


‘Tis the season for lots and lots of cookies! In my home it seems to be family tradition to make enough cookie in the month of December to feed the whole block for a entire year. By new years the kitchen is stuffed with more round tins filled with cookies than we know what to do with. But the season just wouldn’t be whole without each and every one of them and I’m going to do my very best to share as many as I can with you.

First up — sugar cookies



I don’t know why, but for some reason I really like creaming butter and sugar together… weird, i know… I think it’s a texture thing ;)


and this is when I noticed that my bowl isn’t quite circular, but I decided to go with it anyway… it’s a good bowl


I remembered to take my rings off this time!


I bought some new cookie cutters this year at Target to replace the old plastic ones I had been using for one year too many. They had a couple really good options, but I found myself stuck in the decision between a package of 6 larger ones and a package of 12 smaller ones, both the same, good price. The bigger ones would have been better, but the smaller ones were also the perfect size for making Nico’s treats — and it’s difficult to find good ones that small, so I caved. Two birds with one stone? **priorities** ;) 


This year I got to enjoy making these Christmas treats with Travis! It was his first Christmas cookie making/decorating experience, so I was super excited to share the holiday experience with him! 



I mixed up a big bowl of powdered sugar & milk icing, divided it into smaller bowls, and used food color to make different colors for decorating. I also added a little bit of egg white to the batch so that the icing would harden instead of staying sticky after we iced the cookies. 


… and it began! It’s always fun to sit down and decorate cookies with someone. There always seems to be lasting memories made. 


Everyone always starts out taking their time and being creative… then you stop and realize you’ve decorated about four okay-looking cookies in the last 45 minutes and there are still tons to be done.



Then comes the more ‘abstract’ decorations and the munching… the laughs and smiles and just all around good times with good people. 

It’s fun to see what your friends and family come up with as far as decorations. Once there is a red and white santa hat and a red and green christmas tree you have to start thinking outside the box. My dad is always really good at decorating these cookies which always comes as a surprise to me and then remember how creative he really is — it’s the little things like this that really stick in your memory that make this such a special time.

This year I’ll remember how Nico definitely licked one of the Christmas trees, but I’m not sure which one :/ and that the first Christmas cookie Travis ever decorated was a yellow “ginger-rice man”

And, yes that’s a Frosty the China Man. Oh, and I spy a pizza cookie… <3


Next time… christmas cookies Italian style! 

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