Nonna’s Christmas Cookies


Of all the special treats that Christmas time brings, my grandmothers fig cookie recipe is one that, no matter what, my home will never go without. A typical sicilian holiday tradition, these cookies are far from the usual festive, iced sugar cookie. Sicilian Fig Cookies, or Cucidati, somewhat resemble what most might think of as a fig newton… but like ten times better ;) 


And like most everything I make, they are fairly easy and require simple ingredients. Dried dates, figs, raisins and pecans.



All ground up together into a sticky, but delicious mess. This processes is messy and can be a bit difficult. I enjoy using this old grinder because I know that’s how my grandmother used to do it. However most kitchen mixers have grinder attachments available, which would make for a much easier and probably less messy experience. It’s not the most appetizing looking mixture in the world, but its fragrantly yummy and it only gets better!

**Depending on the package of dried dates there might still be a pit in the middle of the fruit. Be sure to check and remove them if needed! if you miss one it will lock up your grinder!** 


A little honey, orange zest, nutmeg and all spice into the mix and that’s the bulk of it. The dough is simple, however I feel like I’ve photographed a handful for dough’s recently, so I decided to skip it for this post.



The key with this dough is to roll it out super thin! So much that you can almost see the counter underneath it. I have yet to master the dough for these cookies and can never seem to get it quite thin enough, but I’m getting there. For years I watched my dad make nonna’s fig cookies and just in the past few years have I decided to take on the tradition myself and make my own batch :) practice makes perfect! 

The dough gets rolled out into a long rectangle and folded over a roll of the fig/date mixture. The top layer of dough is sliced and cut into small bite size pieces and that’s that!



Without sounding too kookie… I like to think that every time I make these cookies grandma is there watching down on me working away in the kitchen :) I think she would be proud. 


5 thoughts on “Nonna’s Christmas Cookies

  1. These are beyond cool. Love them and love that grinder! What a unique Christmas cookie — you know, I just made a dish by my great-grandmother the other day and felt the same way as you when I did. I love that cooking connects us to family, whether they’re still here or not. Happy holidays, Sarah!


  2. katie

    Okay, Aunt Angela says that she is VERY impressed and proud! She wants you to take on the lemon cookies and post on that. She says that hers just don’t come out like Mama’s did.


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