Jalapeño Jelly


So I had a ton of jalapeños left over from last week’s pho recipe and I couldn’t let them all go to waste. The only thing I could think to do with so many hot peppers was to make jelly! I’ve never made jelly before or canned anything for that matter, so I contacted my wonderful and amazing grandmother. I knew she’d be able to tell me everything I needed to know without skipping a beat!


These were all the jalapeños I had left over from last week! Yet another reason I LOVE having an asian market so close by… lots of fresh produce for a really great price! All this red hot goodness for under $2 — can’t beat it! Also, I’d like to thank my beautiful friend and talented photographer Emily for the perfect little cutting board. Super excited about it ;) 



Other components to this jelly are bell peppers and habaneros. I really wanted to stick to one color so I chose red bell peppers and red thai chili peppers. All chopped finely and boiled together with a little vinegar and a lot of sugar and you’ve got yourself some jelly! 



The hard part is waiting for it to cool down enough to eat :)


For my first attempt at jelly making, I’m pretty satisfied. Although I’ve got some perfecting to do, I see many jars of homemade jelly in my future! 

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