Snow Day Soup



Quite a lot of snow fell here in Oz this past week keeping many of us cozied up inside for a day or two. I do love the snow and being stuck at home seems to bring back those childhood memories of “SNOW DAAAAYYYY!!” Fortunately, I was not alone for this seasons first snow day. I was happily snowed in with Travis and Nico. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit under the weather and the kitchen at questionable stocked. Here’s a little something I like to make when my throat and wallet is hurting.


Green onions and mushrooms… produce I usually have in the fridge. **working through the challenges of photographing outside my comfort zone (aka my own kitchen). Here I was at Travis’ place, without my props and outside my usual space and even without my own camera gear. Luckily, I snagged a good lookin’ photographer who happens to have similar camera stuff! ;) I’m really trying to work on my skills and process when working in places I’m less familiar with. Places I’m less comfortable with and that I have less control over. I’ve spoken to a few of you about collaborating on a shoot, which is something I really want/need to start pushing myself to do. So improving these skills and broadening my comfort zone is really important. Here at Travis’ place, it’s less familiar as far as my photographic and cooking process goes, but I know I can work freely and be at ease. It’s a good starting place. :)


Also something I ALWAYS have in the pantry is pasta! This specific kind of pasta is called ditalini: dita – fingers, ini – little, ‘little fingers.’ It’s a good one for soups cause they fit in your spoon! But if I don’t have any I break up spaghetti into inch long pieces before boiling and that works just as well. 

The only thing left to this snow day soup is warm chicken broth. I bring it to a boil and toss the green onions and mushrooms in and let it all heat up together for a few minutes. Add cooked ditalini or other pasta and slurp away!



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