Matzo & Easter Egg Salad


Just in time for the last day of Passover, guys — I made matzo, or matza… or matzah?? Whichever way is the proper spelling… you get it!

I read a few recipes online and all of them were pretty similar, but none mentioned how freaking difficult it would be to roll those babies out! The dough doesn’t consist of much. Just flour, salt, oil and water.


Its kind of a tough dough… well at least mine was! And rolling it thin enough was quite the feat! Some recipes said that you could run the dough through a pasta roller until you have it thin enough, but… that’s kind of like… cheating. And for my first time making matzo I wanted to do it the real way. No short cuts, NO CHEATING.


Now I couldn’t just make matzo and be done. And as you know from my last post I have a fridge FULL of Easter eggs, sooooo egg salad was an obvious move!

I don’t really have a set recipe for egg salad. I usually just chop up and throw in whatever I have. This time it happened to be : celery, onion, green bell pepper, and a little red jalapeño


Some of the eggs soaked up the color from the dye, but all is good! Another bonus to naturally dyeing your eggs – no worries about ingesting any nasty chemicals!



Also, this was cool — had to snap a photo



Easter Egg Salad and Passover Matzo :





Ingredients :

– 4 C sifted flour

– 3/4 C water

– 1 t fine grain salt

– 1 T coarse salt

– 2 T olive oil

How – to :

– heat up oven HOT to 500 F w/ a pizza stone or large baking sheet inside !

– mix flour and small grain salt

– add oil and water and mix until dough comes together

– add water/flour as needed

– divide dough into 8 pieces or more pieces ( i found that starting with a smaller piece of dough made it easier to roll super thin and therefor made for a better matzo cracker after baking! )

– on a floured surface roll dough as thin as you can without it breaking

– with a fork press holes into the dough almost all the way through to the counter

– brush the surface of the dough with water and sprinkle course salt on top of each piece

– pull the HOT pizza stone or baking sheet out of the pre heated oven and place one or two pieces of the rolled out dough on the surface. stick it back into the oven and stay close by! these babies don’t take long to cook because they are so thin!

– flip matzo pieces after about 1 minute or when you start to see the edges turning golden

– place back in oven until the tops start to turn golden brown

– remove and let cool

– once completely cool break matzo pieces into desired cracker sizes

Easter Egg Salad

Ingredients :

– 6 hard boiled (easter) eggs

– half of an onion, diced (yellow, red, white – we don’t discriminate!)

– half of a bell pepper, diced – again any color will do

– 2 stocks of celery, diced

– 1 jalapeño, dices itty-bitty ( add according to your desired heat )

– 1/3 C mayo

– 1 T mustard

– salt & pepper to taste

How – to :

– remove yolks from hard boiled eggs and set aside

– dice egg whites and mix with onion, peppers, celery

– in a separate bowl mash yolks to a fine consistency

– add mayo and mustard to mashed yolks, mix

– add yolk mixture to diced egg mixture

– salt and pepper to taste & enjoy!


until next time




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