A Workshop in Chattanooga, TN

CHAT_73 copy

** Last week one of my dreams came true **

When I heard that Beth Kirby of Local Milk was hosting a workshop open the public it took me about 3 minutes to decide I was going. There was no question in my mind. If I didn’t I would have forever regretted the missed opportunity. So I wondered off the yellow brick road all the way to the smokey mountains of Chattanooga, TN to learn and breath the fresh green air of the southern hills.

A Workshop on Still Life Photography, Food + Styling was hosted by Society of Work – a collective work space for creatives in ‘the nooga’ – on the top floor of a downtown building overlooking the prettiest of views in Tennessee.

The day began with words & wisdoms and progressed through styling & shooting of our own then ended with small bits & advise. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I met an inspiring group of like-minded and creative individuals whom will forever keep me inspired and motivated.

Here’s a few images I wanted to share from my process / progression / improvement throughout the day:

CHAT_15 copy

We started out on the floor, which was an awesome grey cement.

CHAT_41 copy


Adding and pulling props was the routine. You never know till you try *

CHAT_53 copy

And eventually moved up to the windowsill

~~ always chasing light ~~

CHAT_55 copy

We took advantage of the industrial metal window cause why hide it?

CHAT_62 copy

One of the reason’s I admire Beth’s work is because it’s realistically messy. It’s attractive AND it’s edible. That’s something I always want to hold true of my own work.

CHAT_75 copy


Last, but not least I want to give a special shout out to my styling and shooting partner Tiffany. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you as well as all the other lovely ladies I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting at the workshop – check out one of her many endeavors Everyday Eclectic   :)


Also, be on the lookout for an ‘adventures’ post coming soon to see how Travis and I spent our time in Chattanooga together <3

Thanks for reading. Peace, love and food.

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