fourth flowers


Make this flower bouquet for your 4th of July festivities! It’s easy and fun. Oh, and f r e e !

I love Queen Anne’s Lace! And it’s everywhere here in Kansas — dry fields, open areas, ditches off the side of the road — you name it. It grows like a weed, but it’s my favorite wild flower. Pretty and delicate!

Put a little food coloring in the water of your vase. As the flowers soak up the water the color will come with it. It take a few hours, but the transformation is kinda cool to watch. The longer they sit in the dyed water the darker the color will get.


I learned this trick many years ago from my grandmother — memories of feeding the horses, picking the Queen Anne’s Lace and then dyeing it when we got back home. Memories that I will always hold dear (love you g’ma)


I hope everyone has an exciting and safe independence day!

More next week


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