southwest sunshine

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Arizona adventure :

Travis and I chased the heat last week and found ourselves in the blazin’ desert. High temperatures didn’t keep us inside tho — we checked off a number of things from our life list and added a few for next time.


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First thing’s first — we rented a car and ended up with a FIAT. I wasn’t mad about it and naturally Travis did his thang. LOOK —- > here!

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Our main goal was to climb a canyon and feel a vortex.


But in the meantime we saw Montezuma’s castle and some other pueblo ruins.

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we learned that hundreds of pueblo communities were build around this ancient well. populations came and went over thousands of years. this well is especially interesting because it’s source comes from a vent that releases water from underground.

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we also saw petroglyphs (!!!)

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i stumbled upon the sedona, az vortex’s online just trying to look up things to do near-ish phoenix. after reading a little about them online i decided it was something we need to experience for ourselves —

we first visited the bell rock vortex

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we hiked just about to the very top of this massive red rock and found ourselves in the middle of this post card view

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there were twisted juniper trees scattered around and it felt surreal to be a small being within such an endlessly beautiful natural wonder.

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as far as the vortex and energy channels go — we didn’t seem to have picked up on anything out of the ordinary

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but we ventured on to the next stop on our list : the airport vortex

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this one is named based on it’s location — near the sedona airport

not nearly as big of a hike as bell rock, however we were literally on THE TOP of this canyon. no trees to offer shade, just the 115 degree arizona sun beating down on us. and we sat. with our feet dangling off the edge and not a single bead of sweat on our foreheads. neither Travis or I said a word for what turned out to be a solid thirty minutes. towards the end of our time spent at this energy vortex I realized how clear my mind was. unfortunately i tend to be anxious and have constant worry but at that moment there was nothing. just a ( surprisingly ) cool breeze across my skin and a subtle, yet strong sense of confidence and stability.

I didn’t take many photographs here, just this one. also interesting that the image I chose to take is a documentation of myself in this location — not usually something I do!

next up was Boynton canyon vortex

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to get to this one we had to drive deeper down into the canyon pretty much to the valley floor

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twisted juniper trees grew here too and piles of red rocks of all sizes were left by past visitors.

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at first I thought how interesting that we study piles of rocks left by our ancient relatives and find meaning in each ‘intentionally placed’ stone. and you put us — twenty first century humans — on a big rock in the middle of nothing and we create the same piles of rocks

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as we spent more time at boynton i felt like each pile represented a past soul that was once there in the same place i was standing. it was a comforting feeling of community and humanity within the vast nature of it all

but there was a “beware of bear” sign at the trail entrance and a storm was rolling in so my mind didn’t stray too far… and yes, we experienced rain in AZ !

last stop : cathedral rock

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we were happy to find ourselves walking barefoot upstream in the river

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there were piles here too, but instead of making my own mark on the landscape and building a new stack I found myself rebuilding many of the fallen piles

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there were spots in the river that were deeper — families and kids swam while others hiked deeper into the canyon. this was definitely one that we would visit again in the future!

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thanks for reading, it’s much appreciated! <3

make sure to check out Travis’ blog post about our trip to phoenix/sedona coming soon !!

next week – FOOD – stay tuned


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