Sip on Something !


Drinks, anyone?

This week has been HOT and muggy here in the land of Oz and nothing sounds better than something cold and a little spiked. Who’s with me, eh? But instead of grabbing the same old Friday night beverage out of the fridge I decided to mix up something a little different. Here are my concoctions for you to try yourself! Happy Friday!

First up the Corona Chiller:

– corona (or any other beer of choice)

– fresh squeezed lemon juice and a little bit of sugar

– mashed up raspberries and of course lime


Rosemary Rum Refresher:

First I made a rosemary syrup by boiling 3 cups water with 2 cups sugar and a generous palmful of fresh rosemary.

– cover the bottom of your glass with the rosemary syrup * not too much – it’s sweet and strong

– rum

– fresh lime juice

– drink!


Blackberry Ginger Twist:

I made a simple syrup for this one too! Same recipe but I swapped with rosemary for ginger :)

– ginger syrup

– mashed up blackberries

– soda water

– mint

TY2_5711  TY2_5720

TY2_5601 TY2_5619





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