holy zucchini !

The zucchini at the farmers market these past few weeks has been taunting me and I finally gave in. It’s like one of those summer vegetables that everyone and their mother grows. They might be having a bad year for tomatoes or peppers or whatever, but the zucchini is ALWAYS doing well. Everyone’s got it, a lot of it, too much of it! So I picked up a few embarrassingly oversized zucchini’s, admitted defeat and made zucchini bread. It’s kind of like a summer ritual. I mean — there’s really only so many times you can sauté up some zucchini with dinner before enough is really just e.n.o.u.g.h. Don’t get me wrong I love me some green squash, but really — what else are you supposed to do with it??

I mixed it up a little bit this year tho and made muffins ( good for breakfast on the go ) instead of a loaf and added blueberries and lemon zest just for fun. Check it out and give it a go yourself! I know you’ve got more zucchini that you know what to do with this summer —



Blueberry Zucchini Muffins

Ingredients :

– 3 C flour

– 2 C sugar

– 3 eggs

– 1 C oil

– 1 t baking powder

– 1/2 t baking soda

– 2 t vanilla

– 1 t cinnamon, nutmeg & salt

– 1 T lemon zest

– 2 C grated zucchini & blueberries

How – to :

– mix together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt

– in a separate bowl mix together eggs, sugar, vanilla, oil and grated zucchini

– slowly incorporate the dry ingredients to the wet

– fold in blueberries and lemon zest

– bake at 350 for about 18 minutes

** they are done when you can poke a toothpick through the center and it is clean when it is pulled out

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