Panda Party

Panda Party : a birthday party for my favorite panda with rice in the shape of a panda. Because, duh!

This week was Travis‘ ( <— my fav panda ) twenty-fifth birthday !!! I’d been pondering on what special thing to do in the kitchen this week just for him — cupcakes? mini cake? big cake? spring rolls and pho?? Nothing felt perfect and then…!! I got a surprise package in the mail “To Sarah and Nhat” ( <— that’s Travis’ vietnamese name ;) I’m still mastering the correct pronunciation ) from his wonderfully thoughtful big sister, Melinda <3 And when we opened it BEHOLD the most perfect and creative birthday thing. Panda rice molds! Not only is it arguably the cutest and best thing ever but it is also something we can make in the kitchen together.

So we did! And it was fun and we laughed and we ate panda shaped rice balls.

Here’s how they turned out and some tips for you when you decide to get some rice molds and try this out for yourself. You can’t say these aren’t the cutest ever :))

The kit came with molds as well as a piece that cuts out nori sheets or sushi paper into the little panda eyes, ears, nose, arms & legs and even a little tail (!!)

** we made the rice with a little more water than usual so that it turned out on the sticky side

** getting the plastic mold pieces a little wet with cold water helped the rice not stick to the mold. Also, keeping our fingers wet helped it not stick to us as much either

** on the flip side having wet fingers when handling the sushi paper made it stick to us and not the rice. No bueno.

Until next time <3

7 thoughts on “Panda Party

  1. Awww ^____^ ♥♥♥ they came out better than I could have imagine – and using regular rice! Now THAT’S some kung fu culinary skill. I like ur tip on wetting the mold. I agree with u on the sticky flip side. I plan on getting some curved tweezers, the kind nail technician use to pick up itty bitty gem stones with. I used sushi rice (Calrose Shirakiku) sans seasoned vinegar & packed it tight. The texture is just right for molding.
    I wonder if I can use this mold set to make sticky glutinous sweet rice. I still don’t know how to make sticky coconut rice. U can’t eat too much sticky rice. It makes ur gut feel too heavy afterwards. I like both the savory version, w/Chinese sausage & sauteed scallions & the sweet dessert version w/crushed seasame seeds.


  2. Oh my goodness, I don’t even have any children (I’m barely out of child-stage myself, at least I think I am!) but these are so cute, I might need to make these anyway….! :P


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