Mini Angel Food Cake !

This week I’m finally trying my hand at mini !! I’ve been dying to find these adorable mini angel food cake molds. I knew I had seen them before, but didn’t give them much thought at the time. Of course as soon as I had my heart set on finding some they all disappear into thin air. But alas ! Thank you Pryde’s in Westport for having everything in the world anyone could ever want for their kitchen, ever! I will never again be in search of anything kitchen/cooking related. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING x FIVE ! I’m going to have to use a lot of self control to limit my trips there. I want it aaalllllll :)

So, I give you my first mini’s (!) and the perfect end of summer cake :

Mini Angel Food Cake w/ Fresh Plum & Pistachio Glaze !



Angel Food Cake

Ingredients : 

– 6 egg whites

– 3/4 C sugar

– 1/2 C flour

– 1/2 t cream of tartar

– a pinch of salt

– a slash of vanilla

*fresh plums for topping

How – to :

– using a standing or hand mixer whip egg whites with the whisk attachment until frothy and bubbly ( if you’re using a hand mixer, like me, make sure to use a bowl with really tall sides to avoid splattering egg whites all.over. your apartment :) )

– add cream of tartar and whip until glossy and cloudy

– gradually integrate 1/4 C of sugar

*** sift sugar and flour several times before adding. Otherwise it is too heavy for the cloudy, fluffy-ness of the eggs whites and you’ll lose the consistency you want.

– fold in vanilla, the remaining sugar, and flour

– bake at 325 for 20 ish minutes

Plum & Pistachio Glaze

Ingredients :

– powdered sugar

– pistachio paste ( I’d been searching high and low for a can of this green goodness foreverr! With no luck locally –  my mamma finally found some online for me )

– fresh squeezed plum juice

How – to :

– I don’t have exact measurements for this glaze, but start with 1-2 C of powdered sugar and add a couple tablespoons of plum juice. Mix

– if the icing is too runny add more p. sugar, if it’s too thick add a touch more juice

– when you have a good consistency mix in about 2 T of pistachio paste

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Until next week <3

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