Veggie Tempura !!

Hey, hey! I know it’s been a minute, but please forgive me for giving my blog such inconsistent attention these days! Life has been busy (which is good) but I always wish to have more time for my beloved followers. Speaking of — I’d like to take a second to say i love you. Maybe that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot coming from that cucina&camera-chick-that-takes-pictures-that-make-me-hungry BUT I really do appreciate each and every one of you for checking in, following, and noticing my humble personal project. You all are what keeps me going even when life feels like I’m not in Kansas anymore (even tho I do technically live on the em-oh side now) . You are my motivation, my drive, my positive reinforcement, and my constructive criticism. Maybe the February air has me seeing more hearts than normal, but I think it’s important to share my gratitude for you and let you know : you are appreciated

Today I’m posting another new (for me) recipe! Travis and I frequent this local restaurant called Vietnam Cafe that is just amazing in general, but we especially like one of their appetizers. It consists of tempura-style fried sweet potatoes and shrimp. It’s oh-so good! I’m normally not a fan of sweet potatoes, but these babies are to die for. I’ve never made tempura anything before so I decided to try my hand at it. For my first tempura fry, I have to say it turned out pretty good! :)



Veggie Tempura

ingredients :

– 2/3 C flour

– 1 t baking soda

– 2 eggs whites

– 2/3 C cold water

– one sweet potato cut into fries

– one head of cauliflower cut into bit sizes

– one zucchini sliced into 1/4 inch pieces

– about 2 inches vegetable oil for frying

how – to :

– pre heat oil in a pot with tall sides to 375°F

– Blanch the veggies in boiling water for no longer than 3 mins. Remove them for the hot water and immediately place into ice water to stop the cooking. Remove from the cold water and pat dry with a kitchen towel. The dryer the veggies the better that batter will stick to them

– In a small bowl mix together flour and baking soda. In a separate bowl mix egg white and cold water. Mix the two bowls together, coat the veggies in the batter just before (carefully!) dropping them into the oil. Fry in small batches. After each batch allow the oil to come back up to temperature. Keeping the oil between 325°F and 375°F is preferred

– turn the veggies once until they are a light golden brown. Drain on a wire rack or paper towels.

Dip in Nuoc Mam sauce and enjoy immediately!

~~ until next time ~~



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