“Life is a Potluck”

Tara Whitsitt, of Fermentation on Wheels, made a pit stop in Kansas City and even though it’s been a few weeks I’ve still got fermentation on my mind!

Tara is a wonderful spirited woman on a mission to spread her love and knowledge of food sustainability and fermentation. She’s dedicated almost the last two year to traveling nationwide in a school bus she converted into home/office/class room/fermentation & culture kitchen. At every stop Tara takes time to hold FREE workshops for the community on fermentation and hosts starter culture swaps.


The Fermentation on Wheels workshop in Kansas City was organized by the Kansas City Food Circle and hosted by BadSeed in the crossroads. (BadSeed is an urban farmers market store front open every friday. If you haven’t already been it’s worth checking out!) Tara walked us through the basics. She allowed us to try a variety of ferments that had been made at workshops in different cities previous to her visit with us. She explained the difference between fermenting and canning, the necessary steps for fermentation and what veggies make good candidates. Together we made a turnip, carrot and green onion kraut. With Tara’s help we experienced the simplicity and joy in such a traditional process that also happens to have amazing probiotic health benefits :)

My time at Tara’s workshop was not only educational, but extremely inspirational. Ms Whitsitt had a vision that many might have doubted in the beginning. But her dedication and work ethic is apparent in the execution and success of her journey. This is her passion project. Something that she really believes in. And she’s doing it! She’s doing in a BIG WAY! Such motivation and drive is what has made her linger in mind and what will continue to push me to work for what I believe in.

“Live hard, laugh a lot, and share a lot of delicious things.” — Tara Whitsitt

Stop by Tara’s site for more on her journey and recipes! Also check out her shop page and show a little <3

Until next time, friends

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you all.

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