Rad(ish) Toast

So I know avocado toast is super cool, but radish toast, guys! Radish toast is where it’s at! Try this:

*a little side note for my Kansas City friends : I’ve been frequenting BadSeed Urban Farmers Market in the crossroad… I saw these radishes (<– radishes??) there and HAD to get them. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t go home without some! Plus I’d never seen a golden radish before(!!) Anyway — go there! The people are nice and the food is honest :)

** Oh! another side note, KC lovers… this lovely bread is from Heirloom Bakery. If you go you’ll never want to leave <3

Radish Toast

ingredients :

– toast

– cream cheese

– radish

– your fav herb ( i used fresh thyme )

how to :

– in a bowl mix your fav herb into the cream cheese

– spread cream cheese on toast

– slice radish thin and layer on top


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