Kansas City Flowers, Photos & a Baby

It has long been a dream of mine to work in a flower shop. I imagine spending the day surrounded by wonderful smells and the feeling of nature (sans spiders and snakes) and playing with white roses and baby’s breath. Yesss, that sounds pretty ideal to me. But just for like a day. Definitely not on February 13th or near a holiday or a day when something sad happens the requires sad flowers. Just on a normal, slow day when you can relax and be creative. Dreamy, right?! Well, with the help of a couple wonderful ladies, I got to play pretend for a day and it was real. 

Okay, close your eyes & picture this : Me + camera. In a room FULL of flowers. ~~ the sun is out and birds are chirping ;) ~~ There’s a floral stylist with a friendly smile and a bucket of talent, a pretty face named Cassie to keep me company and a chunky baby with a stachifier to keep it r.e.a.l. We got time and everything is lovely. Perfection, really.

Having all that said… I had never photographed floral before. eehhh. But I was super excited to be doing something different and a little outside my comfort zone. It was a long day of work, but totally worth it! There was lots of problem solving involved and navigating through something I’d never done before. Lots of learning and all positive vibes. I’m totally happy with how the photos turned out and am sooo ready for round two! Bring on the flowers, people! They make me happy :)

I gravitate towards the all white bouquets so naturally those are my favorite pictures from the whole shoot. They feel really clean and simple. As it turns out those are the sympathy arrangements…

I enjoy these ones too! They’re the most expensive ones… what can i say :)

HUGE shout out to Sidelines Floral in Martin City, MO! Go check out their site and book them for your next floral need or stop by their shop and pick up something pretty for yourself. They are sweet, accommodating and professional!

to leave you with a smile, here’s this beautiful babe

Until next time XX


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