Gatherings Like These & Fig Tagine

Guys, I really like food! And not just because I love eating it (although i really do like that part). But because food has this amazingly powerful way of bringing people together. In our busy lives it is, unfortunately, not something we get to experience all the time but nonetheless it should be something we try to do more often. Nothing fancy or anything. Just a simple gathering over yummy stuff! It’s rewarding and nourishing for our bodies and minds.

Although we aren’t hunting and gathering by necessity anymore, there is an essential part of that pasttime missing in our lives. The social aspect. Finding, preparing, and eating together is something we just don’t do as often in the fast-paced world we live in. Today we go to the grocery store (alone), Instagram our In-N-Out (alone), order carry-out (alone), Snapchat our first bite of that perfect slice of pizza (alone). While that’s all good and fun, it’s not to say that sometimes we should slow down. Gather. Enjoy. And share the moment with others in real life.

All of that was to say that I had the most amazing opportunity to do just that with these two wonderful individuals just a few weeks ago. Meet Jaclyn & Nick. Lovely faces, friendly conversation, GREAT food, and delicious wine.

This meal came from Nick’s adventures in Morocco and it is to die for. Make sure to check out his blog for this amazing Fig Tagine recipe and more about his travels!

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