a few words + cocktails


there’s something that makes me really uncomfortable about photographing an event. maybe it’s the possibility of missing *the moment* or the lack of control in such a fast paced situation. it probably has a little something to do with all the people watching me work. and am i in the way? being disruptive? 

for these reasons i’ve avoided taking jobs like weddings pretty well so far and am totally cool with missing out on photographing them :) but i can’t say no to a dinner party. or cocktail hour! so, lately, i’ve been getting more practice photographing events! it’s definitely a good thing, but it remains difficult to share my images.

but i’m gunna do it. i’m going to share my images cause i want to. and because i haven’t shot for my blog at all recently (which i’m feeling really guilty about btw), but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been shooting.

this was a super cool artisan cocktail hour event hosted at BADSEED by the Kansas City Food Circle, featuring Wood + Salt :) Jess and Ben of Wood + Salt shared a few tips on how to incorporate fresh garden ingredients at home in an evening beverage and made three delicious cocktails for the group to enjoy!




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