B is for Blueberry

Sarah Terranova Photography, Cucina & Camera

At just 7 weeks my boyfriend and I decided WTF — let’s do this thing! It had been the longest and most draining week either of us had been through (thus far). A week of back and forth, a week of intense emotional ups and downs, a week of insecurity, questioning, and lots of unknowns. At the end of that week we couldn’t take the instability of not knowing what our future would hold any longer. I was pregnant and after that week of reflection we decided to remain pregnant. Together we’d bring an incredibly loved and cherished child earth-side. We knew this was the right choice for us. All three of us. And now we could begin one of the most special and amazing journeys life could ever bring us <3

Although I try not to do too much googling especially when it comes to medical stuff… one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most through this process has been tracking the weekly growth of my baby. It’s difficult to know how things are going especially in the earlier months when you aren’t showing and you feel for the most part normal.

Sup, baby?! What’s new with you? The internet tells me you’re gaining a sense of balance this week…! And you might be able to hear my voice (?!) Knock, knock! You still there? Can you hear me??! 

There are all kinds of fun comparisons online for how big your baby is week to week. Action figures, animals… of course I like the produce comparisons the most ;) At 7 week, which seems like yesterday, when we decided do this thang (!!) baby was just the size of a blueberry. As the weeks have come and gone Blueberry has graduated to brussel sprout, then peach, avocado, squash. Today at 31 weeks it is now about the size of a head of romaine lettuce… but we still call the baby Blueberry. I guess it’s kind of a nickname for now. So when I saw this onesie I couldn’t say no. It was the first little piece of clothing I bought. Isn’t it perfect <333

So B is for Blueberry… oh and boy! :D

**he’s name won’t be blueberry incase any of you were worried. i’m not celebrity enough for that. although it may or may not have crossed my mind**



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