Rad(ish) Toast

So I know avocado toast is super cool, but radish toast, guys! Radish toast is where it’s at! Try this:

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“Angry Pasta”

A lot of people ask me what my favorite thing to cook is and sometimes my answer is “something I’ve never made before” because I love trying different recipes and just playing in the kitchen in general. It’s fun and it’s never the same thing twice! But when I’m hungry(most of the time) my answer is “pasta!” which is followed by “what kind?” So I start racking through allll the types of pastas and sauces I love to eat and my stomach starts grumbling and my mouth is watering and I just really can’t come up with an honest answer. I like them all. I like making them all and I like eating them all. I could probably eat pasta until I explode. everyday. even for breakfast.

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Once upon a time I was in Florence, Italy and I took a Mediterranean cooking class and I learned how to make baklava and it was a perfect dream. But it was real life. And now I can make real baklava in Kansas City and it’s really good and really real. Don’t let the filo dough scare you away — you can make baklava your reality too! Cheers to the sunshine, authentic recipes, mediterranean dreams, and to you. Enjoy, friends! XX

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<3 that's amore <3

Raise your hand if you a) are a space case and forgot to make dinner reservations until it was too late, b) don’t like dealing with mushy Vday crowds, c) are looking to have your very own Lady and the Tramp moment with a special someone or d) enjoy playing with your food to prove you can spell ‘love.’ If any/all of these things apply to you on this heart-filled saturday have no fear. There’s still time to run to the grocery store and whip up this ~~lovely~~ recipe! (wink wink) Because what says amore more than big plate of spaghetti & meatballs (?!)

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Veggie Tempura !!

Hey, hey! I know it’s been a minute, but please forgive me for giving my blog such inconsistent attention these days! Life has been busy (which is good) but I always wish to have more time for my beloved followers. Speaking of — I’d like to take a second to say i love you. Maybe that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot coming from that cucina&camera-chick-that-takes-pictures-that-make-me-hungry BUT I really do appreciate each and every one of you for checking in, following, and noticing my humble personal project. You all are what keeps me going even when life feels like I’m not in Kansas anymore (even tho I do technically live on the em-oh side now) . You are my motivation, my drive, my positive reinforcement, and my constructive criticism. Maybe the February air has me seeing more hearts than normal, but I think it’s important to share my gratitude for you and let you know : you are appreciated

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