Birthday Dinner : for my Nico

I had to go big this year for Nico’s birthday and since last year I made him a serious cake I decided to go the savory route and make him a dinner feast! However, I always get a little nervous feeding my pup anything new (and especially people food) because he has such a sensitive tummy and a handful¬†of food allergies. I’ve done a lot of research on what is and isn’t okay for our furry friends to eat, but when it comes to the interwebs how are you supposed to know what’s really real and what’s just a bunch of bologna?! When it boiled down to it I kept some of the basics in mind (like no onions, garlic, salt, oil, grapes, chocolate etc.) and left the rest up to my gut feeling, which is always 1) I want to feed him something healthy & nutritious, 2) something simple & fresh, 3) something he will like.

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