Motherhood: First Purchase


Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag! My road to Motherhood has begun and there are so many things I can’t wait to share with you. But first, I want to take a look back at a few things I, for some reason, feel obligated to tell. And as precursor, I’d like to say that this is my personal journey. My openness is genuine, wholehearted, and (I feel) it is relatable. My situation is not uncommon and my ultimate decisions are just as valid as others’ choices to follow the same or opposite path. There is respect and power in choice.


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Easter Nests

Sarah Terranova Photography, Cucina & Camera

How is it Easter already?? Time is flying by this year. I haven’t even dyed any eggs yet! Hopefully I’ll have some time to squeeze in a fun easter egg sesh before it’s too late. If nothing else though, I simply cannot let this time of year come and go without eating copious amounts of deviled eggs. (hint, hint…mom) Crossing my fingers. ;)

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Gourmet Glamping

Sarah Terranova Photography, Lauren Hedenkamp, Vintage KC, The Royal Relic

Hints of spring are in the air, people (!!) and I already feel like busting out my crop tops and Birkenstocks! Okay, maybe it’s still a little too early though. I’m a total shivering wimp if it’s anything less than 70° and sunny outside. But anywayyyy, you know what it’s definitely NOT too early for?! Planning your spring glamping menu. Yup! And that’s exactly what my good friend Lauren and I have been working on. We recently brushed off the winter leaves from her sweet little vintage glamper and started brainstorming… with wine of course. Camping with friends doesn’t have to mean eating foil pack hamburger and Fritos over a fire. Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with throwback girl scout campfire food just for the record! But why not elevate the experience a bit, something delicious but still simple. We are starting to get used to this whole adulting thing after all.

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Orange Scones

Sarah Terranova Photography, Cucina & Camera

Guys! It’s been a LONG time. I’ve been away for quite some time and for a handful of reasons. I never really meant to take so much time off from blogging, it just sort of happened. There’s this thing called life that throws at lot of stuff at us sometimes. Money probs, bae battles, internal mind games, social media love/hate, ugh. When push comes to shove there are a lot of things that make me put my blog on the back burner. And if I’m being honest, when my confidence is low and/or my wallet is hurting blogging is usually the first thing I set aside. In an attempt to sort myself and life out I’ve neglected this once love of mine. But I never felt over Cucina & Camera, and I never felt like I was giving up on blogging.

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~~ Frittata ~~


It was a Frittata kinda Friday this week — aka I have too many eggs that need to be used asap and I should probably clean out the fridge too

It was also my first shoot in our new digs (!!!) Travis and I are still unpacking boxes, but I had to make time for a shoot. I couldn’t wait any longer to try out my new(but really it’s old) white porcelain top table and that third floor window light <333 loving it!

I’m alway a little nervous to cook/shoot in a different space for the first time. Finding that good light and the space to work, move around, and be comfortable can be fairly uncomfortable the first few times around. I can often been found running into walls, bumping into corners, dropping important things, and talking to my dog as if he understands my current issues while shooting in a new space. Then there’s figuring out how well the stove top burners do or don’t work and how unevenly the oven cooks. My Friday Frittata encompasses all of these things, but it turned out just lovely and yummy! Good thing too cause we’ll be eating it for days! Nom! :)

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Snow Day Soup



Quite a lot of snow fell here in Oz this past week keeping many of us cozied up inside for a day or two. I do love the snow and being stuck at home seems to bring back those childhood memories of “SNOW DAAAAYYYY!!” Fortunately, I was not alone for this seasons first snow day. I was happily snowed in with Travis and Nico. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit under the weather and the kitchen at questionable stocked. Here’s a little something I like to make when my throat and wallet is hurting.

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