a few words + cocktails


there’s something that makes me really uncomfortable about photographing an event. maybe it’s the possibility of missing *the moment* or the lack of control in such a fast paced situation. it probably has a little something to do with all the people watching me work. and am i in the way? being disruptive? 

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Chocolate + Coffee + Chops

Raise your hand if you ever eat chocolate for dinner … ( meee ! ) Raise your hand if you ever eat chocolate and sometimes coffee for dinner … ( meee ! ) For those of you who are gasping right now can just relax because I came up with a way that makes it all okay. As for the rest of us who have no shame in a little dessert for dinner every now and then here’s something we can enjoy that our moms will approve of :

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Pumpkin Alfredo

Made my first trip to the pumpkin patch this season! I was in search of the perfect pumpkin to eat rather than carve this time. I’ve never baked with a real pumpkin so it was the first thing on my list this Fall :) I was a little unsure about which kind of pumpkins are the ones you want to cook with, but the internet told me to look for the smaller, brighter ones that have a good stem and no serious blemishes or bruises. I picked two pretty ones and whipped up some homemade pumpkin puree. Which, by the way, is so much more simple than I had anticipated. Not to mention quite gratifying — Nico loves pumpkin puree and giving him a spoon full of the fresh stuff instead of something out of a can felt pretty special. ( yes, he’s spoiled but is there really any other option? ) Anyway, before feeding it all to my dog I made Pumpkin and Sage Alfredo Sauce. Yum! Check out the recipe and photos below and make some for yourself this fall! You won’t regret it :)

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Long Bean Bun

Wow, this post is wayyy over due! This past week has been crazy — but totally in a good way! Like : I did my first commercial food styling and photography shoot AND I installed my Still Life Project gallery show. Woop Woop. So much hustle! I feel bad for neglecting the blog in all the chaos, but I’m catching up on my posts now and I’ve got another one cookin’ ( < — see what I did there? ) so don’t go away. Stay tuned because it’s offially Fall which means lots for comfy cosy recipes and not to mention Nico’s birthday ( !!! )

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Mini Angel Food Cake !

This week I’m finally trying my hand at mini !! I’ve been dying to find these adorable mini angel food cake molds. I knew I had seen them before, but didn’t give them much thought at the time. Of course as soon as I had my heart set on finding some they all disappear into thin air. But alas ! Thank you Pryde’s in Westport for having everything in the world anyone could ever want for their kitchen, ever! I will never again be in search of anything kitchen/cooking related. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING x FIVE ! I’m going to have to use a lot of self control to limit my trips there. I want it aaalllllll :)

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Holy Zucchini : Part II

Man – o – man, even after multiple meals with a side of sautéed zucchini AND last weeks episode of holy zucchini ! I still had a bunch of zucchini hangin’ out in my fridge. I was starting to feel guilt; I really didn’t want it to go bad and have to throw it away — I hate doing that! So I sorted through my resources and found this gem still in a box in the corner of our new apartment. ( I have yet to find the right place for my cookbooks ) Vegetables from an Italian Garden, Season by Season Recipes. It details multiple veggies and other things that can be grown in your garden each season and highlights an array of creative recipes using each of them. It even has a chart of when to plant and harvest them. Oh, and the photographs are wooonderful and so inspiring — whad up Steve Joyce and Andy Sewell! In my eyes there’s really nothing better than a good cookbook. ;)

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