Easter Nests

Sarah Terranova Photography, Cucina & Camera

How is it Easter already?? Time is flying by this year. I haven’t even dyed any eggs yet! Hopefully I’ll have some time to squeeze in a fun easter egg sesh before it’s too late. If nothing else though, I simply cannot let this time of year come and go without eating copious amounts of deviled eggs. (hint, hint…mom) Crossing my fingers. ;)

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a few words + cocktails


there’s something that makes me really uncomfortable about photographing an event. maybe it’s the possibility of missing *the moment* or the lack of control in such a fast paced situation. it probably has a little something to do with all the people watching me work. and am i in the way? being disruptive? 

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Stony Crest Urban Farm Tour

My childhood home sat at the end of a typical suburban neighborhood of Kansas City. On one side was another 80’s built home and to the other side was a farm with horses and milo. At the time this was not an atypical scene. Suburbia was stretching its extremities further south (as it still is today) and we happened to live were suburban and farm life met. Cecil, our next-door-neighborhood farmer, reserved part of his land as a community garden. My parents grew everything from sunflowers to cucumbers. As a kid I spent a fair amount of time watering, picking out weeds, and just playing in the dirt in general. On special occasions I got to ride the tracker and play in the barns. Now that farm, as well as most of the other fields and farms in the area, have been replaced with the Sprint World Headquarters (…), apartment complexes, chain restaurants and shopping, and more apartment complexes. I love my city and am proud to be a home grown Kansas Citian. It’s growth, especially lately, has put KC on the map and brought well deserved recognition to the organizations and people that call this place home.

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Veggie Tempura !!

Hey, hey! I know it’s been a minute, but please forgive me for giving my blog such inconsistent attention these days! Life has been busy (which is good) but I always wish to have more time for my beloved followers. Speaking of — I’d like to take a second to say i love you. Maybe that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot coming from that cucina&camera-chick-that-takes-pictures-that-make-me-hungry BUT I really do appreciate each and every one of you for checking in, following, and noticing my humble personal project. You all are what keeps me going even when life feels like I’m not in Kansas anymore (even tho I do technically live on the em-oh side now) . You are my motivation, my drive, my positive reinforcement, and my constructive criticism. Maybe the February air has me seeing more hearts than normal, but I think it’s important to share my gratitude for you and let you know : you are appreciated

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