Pumpkin Alfredo

Made my first trip to the pumpkin patch this season! I was in search of the perfect pumpkin to eat rather than carve this time. I’ve never baked with a real pumpkin so it was the first thing on my list this Fall :) I was a little unsure about which kind of pumpkins are the ones you want to cook with, but the internet told me to look for the smaller, brighter ones that have a good stem and no serious blemishes or bruises. I picked two pretty ones and whipped up some homemade pumpkin puree. Which, by the way, is so much more simple than I had anticipated. Not to mention quite gratifying — Nico loves pumpkin puree and giving him a spoon full of the fresh stuff instead of something out of a can felt pretty special. ( yes, he’s spoiled but is there really any other option? ) Anyway, before feeding it all to my dog I made Pumpkin and Sage Alfredo Sauce. Yum! Check out the recipe and photos below and make some for yourself this fall! You won’t regret it :)

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My fav Halloween treat


So… I completely lost tract of time this October and… as much as a LOVE going to pumpkin patch, this year I just didn’t have time to squeeze in the trip and… well, I never thought I’d have to say this but… I bought my halloween pumpkins at the grocery store. I KNOW! I know, I never thought the day would come, but it did and it happened. Not only did I purchase my pumpkins off the concrete curb of the grocery store where they had most likely been sitting for the last three and a half weeks, but I was so last minute all that was left were the small ones, those that wouldn’t sit up right or had serious cosmetic damage. Despite the odds on my October 30th purchase, I managed to find three decent pumpkins and brought them home with me.

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