Easter Nests

Sarah Terranova Photography, Cucina & Camera

How is it Easter already?? Time is flying by this year. I haven’t even dyed any eggs yet! Hopefully I’ll have some time to squeeze in a fun easter egg sesh before it’s too late. If nothing else though, I simply cannot let this time of year come and go without eating copious amounts of deviled eggs. (hint, hint…mom) Crossing my fingers. ;)

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small pies



This week I wanted to make something for the blog that my family could also enjoy for Thanksgiving. I had already decided on pie, but couldn’t settle on one kind. So I made them all :) in small mini pies or galettes as they are officially named. Wikipedia told me that ‘galette’ is french for a round, flat crust. Basically a freeform pie. You all know by now that my baking skills are less than par and me making a pie crust will never be picture perfect. So this is usually the kind of pie crust I go for cause it fits the “rustic” look. 

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