Lentil Soup alla Momma

I’m bustin’ out another family recipe this week. This one is inspired by the call of cold winter evenings and cozy meals from home. My mom made this soup a lot growing up — quick, easy, and oh so comforting. I’ve never made it myself until now. When I asked my mom if she would let me in on her recipe I discovered it’s actually my grandma’s recipe (!!) For me, that makes it even more special. I think that’s what I enjoy so much about food. Besides the fact that I just really like to eat, I enjoy that it’s all been pasted down. All of our recipes and ideas about food came from someone before us — it’s like history. And most of what we learn about food comes from those that feed us — it’s like love. Food is love, ya know. ☮ ✌

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Snow Day Soup



Quite a lot of snow fell here in Oz this past week keeping many of us cozied up inside for a day or two. I do love the snow and being stuck at home seems to bring back those childhood memories of “SNOW DAAAAYYYY!!” Fortunately, I was not alone for this seasons first snow day. I was happily snowed in with Travis and Nico. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit under the weather and the kitchen at questionable stocked. Here’s a little something I like to make when my throat and wallet is hurting.

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