Orange Scones

Sarah Terranova Photography, Cucina & Camera

Guys! It’s been a LONG time. I’ve been away for quite some time and for a handful of reasons. I never really meant to take so much time off from blogging, it just sort of happened. There’s this thing called life that throws at lot of stuff at us sometimes. Money probs, bae battles, internal mind games, social media love/hate, ugh. When push comes to shove there are a lot of things that make me put my blog on the back burner. And if I’m being honest, when my confidence is low and/or my wallet is hurting blogging is usually the first thing I set aside. In an attempt to sort myself and life out I’ve neglected this once love of mine. But I never felt over Cucina & Camera, and I never felt like I was giving up on blogging.

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“Angry Pasta”

A lot of people ask me what my favorite thing to cook is and sometimes my answer is “something I’ve never made before” because I love trying different recipes and just playing in the kitchen in general. It’s fun and it’s never the same thing twice! But when I’m hungry(most of the time) my answer is “pasta!” which is followed by “what kind?” So I start racking through allll the types of pastas and sauces I love to eat and my stomach starts grumbling and my mouth is watering and I just really can’t come up with an honest answer. I like them all. I like making them all and I like eating them all. I could probably eat pasta until I explode. everyday. even for breakfast.

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holy zucchini !

The zucchini at the farmers market these past few weeks has been taunting me and I finally gave in. It’s like one of those summer vegetables that everyone and their mother grows. They might be having a bad year for tomatoes or peppers or whatever, but the zucchini is ALWAYS doing well. Everyone’s got it, a lot of it, too much of it! So I picked up a few embarrassingly oversized zucchini’s, admitted defeat and made zucchini bread. It’s kind of like a summer ritual. I mean — there’s really only so many times you can sauté up some zucchini with dinner before enough is really just e.n.o.u.g.h. Don’t get me wrong I love me some green squash, but really — what else are you supposed to do with it??

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fourth flowers


Make this flower bouquet for your 4th of July festivities! It’s easy and fun. Oh, and f r e e !

I love Queen Anne’s Lace! And it’s everywhere here in Kansas — dry fields, open areas, ditches off the side of the road — you name it. It grows like a weed, but it’s my favorite wild flower. Pretty and delicate!

Put a little food coloring in the water of your vase. As the flowers soak up the water the color will come with it. It take a few hours, but the transformation is kinda cool to watch. The longer they sit in the dyed water the darker the color will get.

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Anniversary Tart

** Happy Anniversary to me**

Well, it’s been about a year since my first post as Cucina & Camera! I have to admit I’ve come a long way. My images and process as a food blogger improve with just about every shoot/post I do. I’m really happy — and proud — of the progress that I’ve made, but I still have a lot of growing to do. There’s a lot I plan to accomplish in the next year with Cucina & Camera and I’m excited to continue sharing my progress and experience in the kitchen and behind the camera with all of you.

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